A Chance to Dance

Dancer Suzzanne Ponomarenko and a committed team of individuals have been giving young people in developing countries a unique opportunity: the chance to learn the art of dance.

Categories: Dance, New York

Boards for the Barrio

A skateboard event in Phoenix allowed over a hundred young people access to a new or improved board.

Categories: Arizona

Wake Up India

A new project is teaching parents and teachers about the educational options for disabled children in Mumbai.

Categories: children, India

Saving Tigers

Increasing the penalty for tiger poaching in India, and educating school children about the importance of tigers to the ecosystem are both part of the 'Save Tiger Save Life Signature Campaign'.

Pedal For Joy

'Pedal for Joy' has bicycle riding making a difference in every area of life.

Categories: India, Sports

Meal with a Smile

'Meal with a Smile' has been feeding those in need in friendly fashion for the last year and a half.

Categories: Hunger, India

Ankleshwar Cleanathon

Landmark Forum graduate Mohini Makadia is cleaning up the Indian city of Ankleshwar, causing awareness, cleaning projects, and permanent structures such as a waste plant and trash cans.

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Sierra Leone Rising Celebrates 10 Years

It sounds like a fairy tale - looking for one's lost parents, discovering that one is a princess in a faraway land, and giving heart and soul to rebuild that country. But it's a reality created by Sarah Culberson.

Categories: Africa, Health/Medicine