A Chance to Dance

Dancer Suzzanne Ponomarenko and a committed team of individuals have been giving young people in developing countries a unique opportunity: the chance to learn the art of dance.

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15-year Old Creating Skate Park

The staff of Landmark Education News has come across a news article in the Staten Island Advance of New York State which discusses the Self-Expression and Leadership Program project of 15-year old Juliane Forsyth.

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Move Groove Give

Shana Dressler, whose participation in Landmark Education’s programs helped inspire her to create a number of charity projects and organizations, has a new event sponsored by the organization she helped […]

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Ithaca Spearheads 7th Ward Rebuilding

Love Knows No Bounds, the organization created by Catherine Martinez in the wake of Hurricane Katrina as her project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, continues to spearhead the […]

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Peace Being Now! Debuts in New York

Glenn Biren’s project in Landmark Education’s SELP program, an independent film titled Peace Being Now!, is making its New York debut at the New York International Independent Film and Video […]

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Dana Roc Speaks Out

Dana Roc is a successful actress and entrepreneur from New York City who has led seminars and programs for Landmark Education. She is the founder and president of www.danaroc.com, a leading […]