Here's a unique project - a combination roller skating event, house music party, and wellness seminar.

LEN - roller rinkA health and wellness event, a dance party with house music, and a roller skating party may sound like three different things, but they were all part of Mind, Body & Roll, an event held this past Saturday at Brooklyn Fire Proof, a New York cafe and bar.

The event was Adriana Echandi project in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, and came out of her desire for people to be healthy and active while having a good time. Wellness talks featured topics such as eating for energy and maximum muscle function, and the pop-up roller rink was set up by 3pm, allowing for 7 hours of DJ hosted dance fun. The rink went down at 10pm but the party continued late into the night.

Attendees could rent roller skates for $10, and feed on healthy foods such as local Kimchi burgers. Read more at DNA info New York or the event’s Facebook page, or watch the video from the party below.

2 thoughts on “Mind, Body & Roll

  1. Hello and thank you for this report!
    I just returned from a hike on Mt. Rainier which was an “after-party” of sorts for a 3-day international wellnesss convention with my company.
    I would love to connect with you all as writers and megaphones.
    My cell is 571-278-4326. please feel free to call.
    Also, I would love to connect with Adriana Echandi about collaborating on a Mind Body, and Roll in the DC area.
    THANK YOU and have a fun-ful morning.
    Peace, BeingWell,

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