Gay Community Center Launches in Long Beach

A new Gay community center has launched in Long Beach, Long Island, New York, as a result of the project created by Julia Hammer in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program. According to Ariella Monti in the Long Island Herald, about 75 people turned out for the group’s kickoff meeting held on March 24.

In her opening speech, Hammer gave the reason for the center’s existence:

“The idea and inspiration for the center was born of the realization, that for whatever reason, there was still no real place for our community, within the great community of Long Beach, to network, to find resources pertinent to us or just be ourselves fully, without shame.”

City Manager Charles Theofan and gay activist David Marans also gave speeches at the event. According to the newspaper, this meeting marked the completion of Hammer’s project in the Landmark program.

Read the entire story from the Long Island Herald.

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