Seeing the Silver Lining in the Pink Slip: Inc Magazine recognizes Entrepreneurship Project

Based upon her experience of being laid off from a law firm and reinventing herself as an entrepreneur, Joceylyn Chia created a project while taking part in Landmark Education’s SELP titled “Seeing the Silver Lining in the Pink Slip”. As part of the project, Chia and her team hosted an event at the prestigious Stern School of Business In New York City on June 9th, which was featured in Inc. Magazine, and which had five panelists/entrepreneurs give their advice on creating their own company.

The event was sold out, with 150 registrants. The panelists included Gail Davis, co-founder and co-CEO of The Goldwaters Group, Kristina Suparna Bhasin, founder and CEO of She Creates Change, Joseph Varghese, founder of Peer Success Circles, reinvention specialist/author Ann Fry, and Leonardi, founder of non-profit The Woman’s Mosaic.

Panelists stressed having a positive attitude and a willingness to plan work hard to achieve your dreams as key qualities for a successful entrepreneur. Bhasin, who has formed three businesses since herself being laid off in 2001, emphasized the need to get past a sense of rejection from being laid off.

To find out more information, read the Inc. Magazine article.

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