Huffington Post Reporter Reviews The Landmark Forum

Reporter Diane Odasso of the Huffington Post, one of the largest political and news blogs based in the United States, recently attended the Landmark Forum in New York City and wrote an extensive review of the program. The article, titled “My Landmark Experience”, appeared in the Huffington Post on June 5. It documents the reporter’s initial skepticism about Landmark Education, and what she saw for herself out of the program.

Landmark Education has been reviewed by other journalists. The London Times reviewed the Landmark Forum–That article is also here on Landmark Education News. Other reviews have been published by publications such The London Observer and Psychologies Magazine. Odasso’s experience of the Landmark Forum begins with the first morning of the course:

On one sunny summer weekend in New York, I resign myself to a freezing basement on 33rd street and 8th avenue, surrounded by a hundred motley strangers. (Where do these people come from?) The Landmark coach steps on stage, a brassy French woman. Immediately I take to her; I can see there will be no forced hugging under her roof. So what exactly are we supposed to do the next forty-five odd hours of class?

To read the article in its entirety, go to the Huffington Post website and read the Landmark Forum review.

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