Remembering Linda Gordon Howard (1949-2023)

No photo description available.Linda Gordon Howard, longtime Landmark Graduate, Seminar Leader, and Staff Member who served as General Counsel and Vice President for Legal at Landmark Worldwide, passed away peacefully on September 15th, 2023.

Born in Ettrick, Virginia, in 1949, Linda was a trailblazer from an early age. She was the first Black and first female student to serve as the Student Council President at the University of Virginia Law School and a legislative assistant in the United States Senate.

As a child of educators, Linda’s passion for law and justice was deeply ingrained. As a Landmark Program Leader and Staff Member, Linda’s love of people and making a difference was extraordinary.

Before coming to Landmark, Linda served in various high-profile roles, including as Staff Attorney at the Urban Mass Transportation Administration and Counsel to the President of Hunter College. She was a tenured professor at Ohio State University Law School. She also served as Acting Executive Director, Interdepartmental Task Force on Women at the White House.

Her  life and career were covered in an article published by the  University of Virginia Law School

Linda had a passionate commitment to inclusion and ethical conduct. Her advocacy work for the rights of disabled citizens and her pioneering book, “The Sexual Harassment Handbook,” have left an indelible impact.

In 2019 she gave the commencement address at the University of Virginia Law School. 

The only thing that may have matched her extraordinary list of professional accomplishments, was her sense of humor, infectious laugh, and love of a good story.

She leaves behind a loving family, and legions of friends and mentees whose lives have been profoundly impacted by her wisdom and kindness.

We join everyone who had the privilege of knowing her in celebrating a life well lived.

11 thoughts on “Remembering Linda Gordon Howard (1949-2023)

  1. Linda was a beautiful being with a heart of gold. I learned so much from her. It was a privilege to work with her and know her…she is forever in my heart. RIP Linda 💖💔

  2. Linda was an amazing woman and a bold stand for people and justice and fairness. I love and admire her and she will be missed. Go with grace, Linda!

  3. Rest in peace, Linda
    It was fun assisting during your training seminar and most good assisting in your 2007 seminar.

    Fly and dance with angels. Have fun.

  4. God bless your friends and family during this times. Thank you 🙏🏿 for your servant leadership and the gift that’s your life has been to others. Take your rest, you deserve it….

  5. There was no one quite like Linda Howard…whose name was always one word! Certainly, a distinction. Linda was an incredibly accomplished woman’s with a remarkable sense of humor. I will love and honor Linda and all she gave to me and so many… forever. I love you my dearest “Wickie!”

  6. Very sorry to hear of Linda’s passing. I did the ILP 25 years ago and Linda often led the Friday night classrooms. Powerful, I felt lucky each time she contacted me over the years. She was amazing.

  7. Linda was the epitome of Seminar Leader. She was an amazing coach and remarkable stand for our work and what’s possible. Every time I interacted with her I felt like she was talking straight to my soul. She was a woman of great accomplishment and incredible contribution to so many. Her legacy will live on through all she impacted. Linda, you were a blessing and beautiful soul! I honor you and celebrate your life!

  8. Linda has been on my heart for the past week. I am so grateful for her standing for me to be seminar leader and inspire me in my integrity. She made a difference for me. She is a difference in my life forever.

  9. I live in Portland, and Linda had a special connection here as a graduate of Reed College and member of Reed’s board of directors. For me, she was an inspired force, larger than life, and when she spoke everything else other than her voice seemed to go quiet. Though I only knew her briefly, those brief moments had a profound impact. ❤️ my condolences and heart for all those who were privileged to know Linda.

  10. My memory is watching one of my nerdy friends breakthrough and become this outrageous, unbelievably devoted husband and father out of Linda’s Landmark Forum in Action Seminar.

    Thank you Linda. You made a difference for so many.

  11. A loss for of another great being. I never forget sitting in her seminar listening to her powerful story and learning from her how to dismantle an upset. It lives with me until this day. May her spirit rest in knowing she touched the world in so many ways that her teachings live on in the people she reached. RIP Queen

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