A Nod To Professor Michael Jensen

Landmark recently released a statement in appreciation of Dr. Michael Jensen, a renowned economist and proponent of Landmark’s ideas and programs.  We are publishing the statement here:

Harvard Professor Emeritus, Michael Cole Jensen, one of the most influential financial economists of all time and advocate for Landmark’s transformative ideas and education, passed away on April  2nd, 2024, at age 84. 

Professor Jensen’s academic tenure was marked by a prolific career that included a long-standing position at Harvard University as the Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus. He was the author of major academic papers, and received numerous academic awards.

Known for his seminal contributions to financial economics and corporate governance, Jensen’s experience with Landmark’s courses opened up a unique expansion for him in his teaching and left him with a deep regard for the impact Landmark’s work could have [for organizations and institutions, and for individuals as well.]  

According to Jensen, his participation with Landmark profoundly impacted his personal and professional life. This led him to advocate for integrating transformational principles into academic curricula. In addition, in collaboration with Werner Erhard and other academics, he developed and taught an ontological/phenomenological course on leadership at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, and later at numerous other leading academic institutions worldwide, including the United States Air Force Academy. Jensen’s collaboration with Erhard on integrity and corporate performance produced influential works that challenged traditional views.

Michael Jensen’s work continues to inspire a generation of leaders in business, finance, and academia.  

Landmark adds our acknowledgement and deep appreciation for the enormous difference Michael Jensen made with his life.

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We have lost a real leader in his profession and at Landmark in the passing of Mike Jensen. Mike leaves a brilliant intellectual mark but more than that he had the openness and the humility to be challenged and learn from the challenge as he did with me regarding his groundbreaking interview in Rotman magazine, Without Integrity, Nothing Works. His academic background practices (i.e., citations matter with assertions) was a key next step. I will/we will further his and Werner’s work in seeing what transformational models can provide traditional education. Thank you, Mike Jensen………..your legacy, your spirit of inquiry, your presence, are in our able hands.

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