A Journey of Breakthroughs: “Who Chiseled That?”

Landmark Graduate Merit Kahn is embarking on a national tour with her critically acclaimed one woman show “Who Chiseled That?”

The show is a demonstration of more than three decades of breakthroughs that never would have happened without her participation with Landmark.  As she said: “It’s the story of my life, as told through the lens of comedy. It’s evidence that I learned to put my past in the past and create a future based purely on the possibilities I created for myself.”

She has participated in many Landmark programs since the mid-90’s and one of her favorite moments in any course was that one where someone “got it” and it was clear their entire world would never be the same.

She says: “In their generous sharing, my life was altered too. I saw new possibilities for myself every time a Forum or Seminar Leader stood for a person’s possibility long enough and with the love it takes to get to the breakthrough.  Those moments added up over three decades and three generations in my family. Everything good that I’ve created in my life has been generated by my core belief that I can create a life I love and live it powerfully.”

Kahn is not only a stand-up comedian but also a professional keynote speaker and author. She began her career in Chicago broadcasting at US99, WJJD/WJMK, and Q101. Kahn’s message revolves around finding humor in adverse situations and rewriting one’s past through comedy to reshape the future. Her mission is to inspire others to change their futures by reimagining their pasts.

She says Landmark graduates will see beyond the stage performance and know the deep work in the background of every single laugh.

Her show’s national tour starts this week in Chicago   Thursday – Saturday @ 7:30pm and Sunday @ 3pm at The Den Theatre   https://meritkahn.vip/DenTheatre

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