Landmark Forum in New York Times

Landmark Education was featured in a major article in the New York Times. Henry Alford, a respected, sardonic, New York humorist, participated in The Landmark Forum and created new possibilities for himself and his life. One of the things Alford shared is:

“Two months after the Forum, I’d rate my success at 84 percent. I’m more prone to telling loved ones and colleagues, in person and without glibness, that I love or admire them. But I still operate from a base position that people are a lot of effort.” In reference to the quotation from Jean Paul Sartre that “Hell is other people”,  he then adds, “I know in my heart that hell is other people. But now I’m open to the possibility that heaven is, too.”

Read the entire story at The New York Times.

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Scott says:

Excellent, this is exactly my personal experience, too, 16 ys ago. “Open to new possibilities”, that´s what I feel still, and what lets the flame burn on and on.

Congrats. That is a wonderful accomplishment. The power of PR is always an incredible resource.

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