Lobbying for a Lunch Hour

Keiron Vital's project in Landmark Education's SELP course is a campaign to lengthen the lunch period to one hour in schools in the United Kingdom.

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Sufi Event Draws Prince Charles

Prince Charles attended a notable event to celebrate Sufism and the contributions of muslims to British society, an event which sprung from Ishreen Bradley's project in the Self-Expression and Leadership program.

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‘Inspire a Child’ Brings Stars to Schools

Sally Cancello’s ‘Inspire a Child’project has allowed many celebrity athletes and artists to visit primary schools in England, inspiring students with their accomplishments. The project, which Cancello created while attending […]

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Luke Cody’s Afghan Odyssey

Luke Cody left a successful career in the banking industry to pursue photojournalism. His project in Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership program involved a photo exhibition based on a three […]

Moon Space Party Aids Grief Encounter

When Sophie Berger’s twin sister Charlotte died, she left behind two small children. Berger has undertaken a project to help bereaved children and their families by putting on a fundraiser […]

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Morris Brings Underground Smiles

Londonist, London’s leading blog about events around town, covered the Landmark Education SELP project of Suzanne Morris, which took place on London’s underground (subway) this past summer. The project spread […]

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Desperately Seeking Undies

Earlier this year Caroline Glasner encountered asylum seekers in London, and the experience had a profound effect on her. She was shocked at how destitute they appeared, and how much […]

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Londoner Raises Cash for Indian Orphans

Smriti Jhnigan has always wanted to make a difference with children in India, her native country, and when she took Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program in London she created a […]

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