Lobbying for a Lunch Hour

Keiron Vital's project in Landmark Education's SELP course is a campaign to lengthen the lunch period to one hour in schools in the United Kingdom.

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Sufi Event Draws Prince Charles

Prince Charles attended a notable event to celebrate Sufism and the contributions of muslims to British society, an event which sprung from Ishreen Bradley's project in the Self-Expression and Leadership program.

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‘Inspire a Child’ Brings Stars to Schools

Sally Cancello’s ‘Inspire a Child’project has allowed many celebrity athletes and artists to visit primary schools in England, inspiring students with their accomplishments. The project, which Cancello created while attending […]

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Mangetwo Unites Food Lovers

  While taking Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program, Claire McBride created a unique social networking website, Mangetwo, that brings together food lovers in a variety of activities. The […]

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