Landmark Forum Reviewed in Leading London Magazine

LEN - Mayfair Landmark ForumThe Landmark Forum has been featured in the April 2014 issue of The Mayfair Magazine, a leading London lifestyle publication.

The article features reporter Amber Allison’s eyewitness account of taking part in The Landmark Forum, including what she got out of it for herself.

‘It’s the most levelling experience I’ve ever had,’ writes Allison. ‘We are a complete mix of ages and races, men and women – and yet everyone has something holding them back: the woman who hasn’t spoken to her mother in years over a perceived slight, the type-A man who is paralysed by his fear of mistakes, the couple fighting to the point of divorce over changing the toilet roll – you quickly realise that nobody is as sorted as you think they are.’

Read The Mayfair Magazine’s entire review of The Landmark Forum.

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Thomas J. Oakes says:

Is it possible to see Amber Allison’s review of the Forum in Mayfair Magazine? The links here don’t seem to work.

Vinu says:

I am unable to read Amber’s review. Clicking on the link brings me back to this page. Such a bummer.

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