Remembering a Best Friend: Life Without Benedetta

Raj Babbra’s best friend Benedetta Ciaccia was killed in the terrorist attack on London which took place July 7, 2005.  Babbra was devastated. Over the next couple of years, he says that he lost his passion for life, falling into a spiral of isolation and anger.

At the urging of a friend, Babbra took Landmark Education’s Landmark Forum course in December 2007. According to Babbra, the Landmark Forum "changed my life dramatically over that weekend in ways I could not have imagined. By the end of the weekend, my life was already significantly better and I started to smile again for the first time in ages. I had a weight lifted from me that I had been carrying around for 2 years and 6 months."

Babbra went on to take Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program, and as his project in that program he decided to make a documentary film about the terrorist attack of 7/7 and its effects on innocent people. Babbra worked with documentary film director Rabia Buchiba, and they decided the message would be best conveyed by telling the personal story of Benedetta’s life. "Life without Benedetta" has gained significant media attention. Here Sky News television in the U.K. features Babbra and the film. 

Babbra is in the process or working to have the film shown on television on this year’s anniversary of 7/7. He has also gone on to form Life with Loss, a website which aims to help people deal powerfully with traumatic loss, and which tells the whole story of the making of Life Without Benedetta.

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