Women and Politics in Kenya

Rachel Shebesh, a member of Kenya's parliament whose political career was inspired by taking part in The Landmark Forum, talks about what it will take more women involved in Kenyan politics.

Categories: Kenya, Politics, Women's Issues

Salaam Garage Offers Vietnam Tour

Amanda Koster, the internationally acclaimed photographer and Landmark Forum graduate who has set up unique journalistic/artistic travel tours in the developing world, has put together her first ever tour of Vietnam.

Categories: Asia, Politics, Seattle

Key Rings for Change

Bryan Davis used Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership Program to partner with his friend AJ Bontempo to create a novel key ring: The ChangeRing. Inspired by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign […]

Categories: Politics

OIC Promotes Peace

The Organization for International Cooperation (OIC), the breakthrough foreign relations organization created by Arnold Keiser, has initiated conversations with representatives of the U.N., the U.S. government, and the PLO in […]

Categories: Politics, Washington D.C.

Beauty Flowers in New Rochelle

Landmark graduate Leonard Pouder believes that he is by nature a selfish person, the last one who would jump into a community project. However, during his Self-Expression and Leadership program last year, he […]

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