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oic-update.jpgThe Organization for International Cooperation (OIC), the breakthrough foreign relations organization created by Arnold Keiser, has initiated conversations with representatives of the U.N., the U.S. government, and the PLO in striving to make real its vision of international peace and cooperation. OIC’s goals for the next several years include agreements between the U.S. and Syria and Iran, and a peace agreement between Israel and all hostile Palestinian factions. Keiser and many members of the OIC team have participated in the programs of Landmark Education. Here are some of the specific meetings they’ve been involved with over May and June:

On June 18th OIC President Arnold Keiser and Special Assistant Hadi Barry met with the foreign policy advisors to Senators Robert Casey, Bob Corker and Chuck Hage, all of whom are members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Also on June 18th, OIC held its After Hours event–Attendees included Chic Dambach, the CEO of the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Political Science Professor Chip Hauss of George Mason University, Dr. Diane Perlman, OIC Advisor and Political Psychologist, Diplomat Jonathan Peccia from the Bureau of Israel and Palestinian Affairs at the State Dept,. Dr, Nabil Abuznaid, the Head of the PLO Mission in Washington, DC, 2 top officials of the Palestinian Security Forces, OIC President Arnold Keiser and OIC Special Assistants Hadi Barry and Felipe Bustamante.

On June 6th OIC Special Assistants Stelios Phili and Felipe Bustamante met with Counsellor Jairo Montoya at the Permanent Mission of Colombia at the United Nations. The day before, President Arnold Keiser attended the groundbreaking event by personal invitation for the new Headquarters of the US Institute of Peace across the street from the State Department. The speakers were President George Bush, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and officers and founders of the USIP including Former Secretary of State George Schulz. Others at the event were Former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Frank Carlucci, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Senator Inouye, Senator Akaka, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill and Ambassador Paul Bremer and many others. Mr. Keiser did get to personally Assistant Secretary Hill and Ambassador Bremer will follow up with them.

Later on June 5th OIC President Arnold Keiser along with Special Assistants Alex Kizer, Hadiatou Barry and Ben Schorr met with Mr. Nabil Abu-Zneid the Head of the PLO Mission in Washington. The OIC had an informative meeting with Abu-Zneid and he offered to help with getting OIC’s ideas to the Palestinian leadership. We also met with Jonathan Peccia who is with the State Department’s Bureau of Israel and Palestinian Affairs.

In addition to meeting with Nabil Abu-Zneid and Jonathan Peccia, OIC members also met with Susan Poulin, who is with the State Department’s International Organizations Section. Susan asked for more information on OIC’s Formula One approach and also suggested that we interface with another State Department section to further expand our outreach

OIC Special Assistants Mainak DasGupta and Guneet Sachdev met on May 27th with the UN Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the United Nations. Their meeting was useful in sharing OIC’s Formula One concept and identifying key issues related to its potential implementation at the UN.

OIC Special Assistants Mainak DasGupta and Guneet Sachdev met with with Ambassador Prasad Kariyawasam of Sri Lanka on May 27 at the UN.

To read more about OIC, read Landmark Education News’ previous story about the organization, or go directly to the OIC website.


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