Salaam Garage Offers Vietnam Tour

Amanda Koster, the internationally acclaimed photographer and Landmark Forum graduate who has set up unique journalistic/artistic travel tours in the developing world, has put together her first ever tour of Vietnam. The tour will take place in the Quang Tri Province, making it the first time photographers and media have been allowed into the province since the end of the Vietnam War.

Koster’s organization, Salaam Garage, is working in partnership with Peace Trees Vietnam, which works to remove land mines and dangerous ordinance in the province – over 10,000 post-war casualties have resulted from these mines in Quang Tri Province.

The tour will take place January 11-23, 2010. Koster initiated travel tours in the developing world after many people asked her if they could come along when she went went on a documentary/photo trip overseas. Check out Landmark Education News’ previous coverage of Koster’s travel tours.

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