Warm for the Winter

Warm, high quality coats are going out to the homeless of Laurel, Maryland, as a result of the project Mike Mondy created in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

Love is in the Bag

An innovative support program allows aid for all kinds of people in need, and makes it easy for children to make a difference.

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Splash Mob, Anyone?

The Splash Mob 5k isn't like any other fundraiser run - in this one, participants are bombarded with water balloons. This fun event, which started three years ago as a project created from the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program, is…

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Burrito Boys Are Hungry2Help

Michael Johnson created a program wherein he and his son and his friends would give burritos and other items to the homeless in San Diego, and through taking the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program, he grew the project and made…

Vets Aid Vets

A third of all homeless people in the United States are veterans. This stark fact was one reason Rod Wittmier's Self-Expression and Leadership program involved bringing old and new veterans […]

Desperately Seeking Undies

Earlier this year Caroline Glasner encountered asylum seekers in London, and the experience had a profound effect on her. She was shocked at how destitute they appeared, and how much […]

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