Cocoon House Fixes Aid Teen Mothers and Homeless Youths

When a storm left a home for teen mothers facing nearly $9,000 expenses, Larry Miller stepped up. The project Miller created while coaching in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program took care of Cocoon houses expenses and more, catching the eye of the Daily Herald newspaper of northwestern Washington state.

Cocoon House has two facilities: a shelter for homeless youth in Snohomish County, and a house for teen mothers and their children in Arlington. The storm took out much of a large fence surrounding the house and left the organization facing a huge budget hole. Miller found a number of ways to help the group, which didn’t have staff trained to repair the fence.

First Miller, a trained carpenter, got a deal on local supplies and recruited volunteers to help. Then he put together a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1,700 in supplies, and got the rest donated from local businesses. The work Miller oversaw went beyond the fence and into landscaping the property. He is now working to assist with additional construction projects and coordinate hiking trips for teens from the shelter.

Next, he is arranging another crowdfunding campaign to buy coats for the teens and the kids.

“He’s blowing us away with his ability to contribute and his self-driven nature, month after month,” said Cocoon House volunteer coordinator Marty Shaw.

Read the entire story from the Daily Herald, and visit the Cocoon House website.

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Stela says:

‘Miller’ you are really nice. You helped the peoples who are suffering from the problems.

Betty Scarbrough says:

The selfless and helpful project created by this man, made me go and pursue the Landmark Forum. I attained sheer bliss during that weekend. I felt so light hearted and happy about myself. I always kept doubting myself and compared my life to others. I couldn’t even approve of my achievements and I always kept searching for more opportunities to impress others. But after the Forum I realized it was just me who needed approval. I felt so much more satisfied after that weekend. It has had been two months now and I haven’t compared myself to anyone else’s achievements. I am now happy about myself than feeling envious about others’ lives. This course also helped my mum to get over her husband who passed a year ago. I am so grateful to Landmark Forum and my coach who gave me the vision to live a happy life.

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