Knitting Nannies Help Those in Need

LWN - Knitting NanniesAs her project in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Jackie Haycock formed Knitting Nannies, a group that meets at the McCarthy Place retirement residence in Ontario. The group was formed with the intention of giving the retirement residents a sense of purpose, while providing clothing for those who need it the most.

Dozens of the knitted scarves are going to Optimism Place and the Emily Murphy Centre for women and children, with plans to donate future items to the homeless. In addition to McCarthy Place, seniors and staff at Cedarcroft Place have also agreed to join the project, and Haycock is contacting other retirement residences.

Read the entire story from the Stratford Beacon Herald.

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Krystle Joubert says:

Spending time in order to knit for the homeless and needy seems to be a very creative idea. I too am a retired nanny with very less job to do at home. I visit my therapist and spend time with my children but other than that I wish to have a hobby which can benefit others. I have been a part of the Landmark Family for over a year now but never really got a chance to thank them, so here it is. I was very nervous to speak my problems out in front of many strangers, but all of them supported me throughout the weekend. I was respected and taken care of by not only the volunteers but also the participants. My forum went really well and so did the LFIA (Landmark forum in action). One of my biggest breakthroughs was that I sorted things out with my sister and we are in great terms now!

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