Fanatical Change Raises $350,000

A project formed in Landmark Education's SELP in the fall of 2008 has raised over $350,000 to support families who experience a sudden tragedy.

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Saving Lives through Bone Marrow Donation

Pamela Moore, a leukemia survivor whose life was saved by a bone marrow donation, is encouraging people to become donors through the National Marrow Registry as her project in Landmark Education's Self-expression and leadership program.

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Appreciating Widows

On July 16th, Houston area newspaper The Leader ran a story about Robin Craig's project to help her fellow widows. The project, which she came up with in Landmark Education's self expression and leadership program, recognizes and acknowledges widows and…

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Heart thru Art Holds First Fundraiser

In the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Kim Henry of the Houston area founded Heart thru Art, a program that raises money to fund art programs for homeless children in […]

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