Make 100 Hampton Road Home

lwn-100-hampton-roadA radio program in Perth, Australia, recently highlighted the work being done by people including a talented Australian chef to feed those in need, with a focus on having perfectly good food that’s ordinarily thrown away go to those in need instead.

Sophie Budd, who runs her own cooking school, has created ‘Make 100 Hampton Road Home’ as her project in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. Budd cooks every Monday with some of 100 Hampton Roads 192 residents and a team of local volunteers.  They use food destined for landfill which is rescued by a local NFP ‘Food Rescue’ which Sophie is an ambassador for.  They turn it in to nutritious meals including soup, pastas, curries, fruit salad, pies, stir fry and weekly make up to 250 meals.  The residents know they can come and get a good feed every Monday as most of them don’t have money for decent food.

Budd is engaging in having Hampton Roads residents get involved with the cooking, locate more food, and do whatever can be done to increase access to these meals. To get involved contact Budd at [email protected].

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Angelica Mercado says:

She is doing a great job along with numerous volunteers! I have done the Landmark Forum and thoroughly enjoyed it. The forum changed my outlook towards my future life and career. I enhanced a few of my personal habits to make myself a better person. Now, I feel much more confident about myself and certain about my future decisions. I never expected this course to be so powerful and effective. I am going to introduce my mum to the Forum and improve her life as well.

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