Shoe Drive Helps Homeless

LEN - shoe driveA shoe drive in Elk Grove, California, is gaining the support of the community, with a variety of local businesses contributing to collect shoes to donate to the local homeless population. Since collections began in August, over 1,000 donations have been made.

According to The Elk Grove Citizen, the project, titled “These Shoes Were Made For Walking,” was created by Ben Conner as his project in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program. The show drive arose out of Conner overcoming his own sense of social isolation, and wanting to help others, such as the homeless, who also experienced isolation.

“I wanted to make a difference. That was it,” Conner said is describing how he came to undertake the project. “There was nothing more to ‘figure out.’ I had love and I wanted to give love – and I’ve always had a love and compassion for those without homes.”

The shoes are being distributed from November 11th to 15th. Read Conner’s whole story at the Elk Grove Citizen, or email Conner at [email protected] to get involved.

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