Remarkable Reconciliation

A June Huffington Post article told the story of Mathew Shurka who was made to participate in controversial gay conversion therapy as an adolescent.  Mathew recently participated in the “It Gets […]

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Lawyers as Peacemakers

J. Kim Wright is a leader in cutting-edge, problem-solving family law - her book talks of what's possible - Wright's vision was supported by Landmark Education's Power and Contribution Course.

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Better Homes and Gardens Interview

  Better Homes and Gardens Television Interviewed Landmark Education spokesperson Deborah Beroset on the topic of relationships and the recession, where she shared an exercise that couples can do to […]

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Moon Space Party Aids Grief Encounter

When Sophie Berger’s twin sister Charlotte died, she left behind two small children. Berger has undertaken a project to help bereaved children and their families by putting on a fundraiser […]

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