Landmark Graduates Share Words of Wisdom from Grandparents

Here are some of the many things people shared on Landmark Education’s Facebook page about wisdom passed down to them by their grandparents:

“Feeling sorry for yourself? Good. You got five minutes, then keep moving!”

“When choosing your friends be careful…. because your only as smart as your dumbest friend.”

“There is not a stupid or useless person on the earth, from who you will not be able to learn one good thing.”

“The only people who have perfect lives are perfect liars!”

“Save your leftover food. She was Italian.”

Contribute your own recollections of the best things your grandparents told you, and invite others to contribute as well.

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One from my grandmother, I can’t remember it exactly but was something like: “When walking up hill, quit as many times as you like—as long as you keep moving.”

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