Forbes Woman Features Landmark Education

The Russian edition of Forbes Woman profiled Landmark Education in their November 2010 issue as part of an article on growth and development. The story featured an interview with Svetlana Kolchik, the deputy editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Magazine, who took part in Landmark Education’s programs while growing up. Here is an excerpt from the article where Kolchik discusses her experience.

“I went through the three steps of the Landmark trainings in San Francisco – The Forum, The Advanced Course and the Self-Expression and Leadership Program. I was only 16 at the time, and I can say that these training programs had a very strong influence on my life; in particular, they were a great help in succeeding in education, career and relationships with people. At 16, you are not yet formed as an individual, your convictions and principles are not so firm, but the limitations that we invent for ourselves in the process of growing up, in trying to stay on the safe side and not take risks, are also not so strong.”

“At the Landmark trainings, they teach you to have an honest dialogue with yourself, to find out to what degree we are ruled by attitudes and fears from the past, to what extent we do or do not permit ourselves to forgive, to love, to dream and in general, to lead a full life and realize our potential. At the third step, we had to create a philanthropic project starting from zero. I invented the Extra Change Makes a Difference project – collected money for the homeless. I made plastic money boxes, visited the rich houses in the surrounding area and invited them to take these money boxes for a month. We collected a fairly large sum, and that experience of overcoming oneself, of the fears that you will be badly thought of and that you will not achieve anything, turned out to be useful in my subsequent professional activity.”

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