Canary Wharf Spotlights Landmark Forum Breakthroughs

LNews - CanaryLondon lifestyle magazine Canary Wharf published a story in its January 2015 issue which discussed what people can do to be successful and effective in the new year, and The Landmark Forum was the first opportunity discussed.

According to one participant, “After the Landmark Forum, my peace of mind and confidence increased dramatically. My ability to connect with people, to be straight with people, to trust myself and to speak my piece shifted completely.”

Landmark Forum Leader David Cunningham also discussed what it takes to have what you want in life realized.

“First you need to be willing to think big for yourself, to be willing to say: ‘Here’s exactly what I want’. ‘Here’s exactly the kind of job I would want’,” says Cunningham. “And then distinguish or notice every reason you’ve got why you don’t think that can happen. Then you’ve got a choice: you can either have what you want in life or you can have the reasons why you can’t have it.”

Read the whole article – ‘Goal Rush’ – here.

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So grateful I did the Landmark in 1999 and I still participate via Wisdom Central. I have an amazing life because of this work and my willingness to transform my life!! yay!

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