Pelican Post Nominated for Digital Heroes Award

Nick Johnson’s project in the Landmark Education SELP program to expand literacy in Africa has taken on a new level of public awareness with its nomination for a ‘digital heroes’ award in the UK.

Pelican Post collects books in developed countries and sends them to schools in Africa. Since its launch, in the pilot phase of the program, which ends shortly, Pelican Post has sent books to 12 different schools in five different countries, with those numbers soon to expand significantly.

Now Pelican Post has achieved another level of prominence with Nick Johnson’s nomination for a digital heroes award. The contest, which allows visitors to vote for the most worthy projects, rewards individuals and the worthwhile community projects they have formed with £5,000 grants to twelve regional winners in the UK to fund their projects, and a £10,000 grand prize to the overall winner. All the winners wil receive their rewards in a special ceremony in Parliament in November.

To find out more about Pelican Post, visit the website at

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Pelican Post Recognized Again | Landmark Education Self-expression and Leadership says:

[…] Post, the organization created by Nick Johnson as his project in Landmark Education’s SELP programme to increase literacy among children […]

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