Exceptional Artists Camp Empowers New York Area Special Needs Artists

Landmark Forum graduate Kristy Sundjaja has created a launch event for the Exceptional Artists Foundation, bringing special needs artists from the New York City area to a special day at Camp Anchor, in Lido, New York on August 27th. The purpose of the day is, according to the organization, to “meditate, collaborate and celebrate with exceptional artists in this extraordinary immersive art experience”.

The foundation’s mission is to empower special needs artists by creating awareness about their talents, fostering independence and enabling new generation of artists to have access to art education, therapy and training programs. See more about the launch event below.

The launch event, titled Exceptional Artists Exceptional Summer Art Experience’, will be repeated monthly. The foundations is recruiting different artists and educators to lead the art experience activities, as well as volunteers to assist in other ways on the day of the event. To find out more, visit the Exceptional Artists website, email [email protected], or donate here.

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Ivan Maxwell says:

Artists with special needs should be encouraged and supported. I was keen on taking up a project in this sector and contribute towards the development of disabled kids. Boosting their personal and creative growth can help them build a good career. Kristy Sundjaja has created an excellent platform for therapeutic art. Great work.

Johnson Fletcher says:

I am an artist and have been teaching for 8 years. Art is all about expression – of a thought, emotion, incident etc. Giving someone a plain blank canvas is the first step towards self-expression. That is why one of the first things we do is give our children a coloring book. An attractive way of letting all the feelings out. When young children don’t speak they paint it out! As for the special kids, they can have more problems with expressing themselves. This is an AMAZING program that gives the young artists a chance to portray their real self. No boundaries, no rules and best of all – no questions asked. And to go through these amazing different projects started by the Self-expression and Leadership program participants is so interesting. Kudos to Kristy Sundjaja and the landmark team for this inspiring work!

Sam Lukes says:

I believe that art is a form of therapy. It calms your mind and brings out the creative skills. My son is a special child and paints all the time, his thoughts, everyday experiences and things he learns are a part of those paintings. Unlike others he uses bold colors and his imagination to create every master piece. My house is filled with his paintings and I know they give him confidence and happiness. This project was an amazing step to appreciate the skills of many such special children and bring them together, to share their talent and joy.

Take My Course Online For Me says:

A new nonprofit is establishing a monthly event to empower New York’s special needs artists. Kristy Sundjaja, a Landmark Forum graduate, has organised a debut event for the Exceptional Artists Foundation on August 27th, gathering special needs artists from the New York City region to a special day at Camp Anchor in Lido, New York.

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