Sierra Leone Rising Assisting Mudslide Victims

Sierra Leone Rising, a Landmark Forum Graduate Project (formerly know as The Kpsowa Foundation) has been instrumental in development work in the Bumpe region of Sierra Leone.  Now the team has begun organizing to help the victims of the August 14 mudslides in the capitol Freetown.

The mudslides have taken nearly 500 lives and left more than 10,000 people homeless.  Another 10,000 more people may need to be evacuated from another hillside because of another crack that has opened up there.

This is an urgent situation.  The mudslides have affected the most poor an vulnerable people.  Survivors of this event have quite literally lost everything and the local emergency services have been overwhelmed.  Many people in Freetown are left with no place to sleep and limited food relief supplies provided by NGOs.  The need faced by people trying to recover is great and Sierra Leone Rising is committed to helping to fill the gap left by the local government and other NGOs.

Using personnel and resources already in the country and a worldwide network of schools and partner organizations, they have begun a campaign to help raise funds to support further efforts.

To learn more about the origins of Sierra Leone Rising listen to this story from the National Public Radio program Snap Judgement.



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Phillip Max says:

The devastating floods and rainfall have ruined the Freetown. Thousands have suffered and are asking for help. It is our duty to reach out to them and support the victims. The partially destroyed mountains and multiple mudslides have resulted in the death of hundreds. I will make my contribution you should too!

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