Camp for the Disabled Receives Unexpected Gift

As her project in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Ilene Fischer created a fundraiser for Camp Jabberwocky, a summer camp for children and adults with Down Syndrome and Muscular Dystrophy based in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. She expected to have a great event which made a contribution to a great cause. She didn’t anticipate how much money would be raised.

With the camp paying for the venue at the Farm Neck Country Club, the event was a magical evening – there was food, drinks, music, and a talk and video showing the difference the camp was making for each and every participant. While most of the 50 people there combined to contribute $5,324, one person was so moved by the event that they donated $1 million to the camp.

This money will make an enormous difference to camp Jabberwocky, which has a major capital campaign to both renovate its main building and to create a large tuition endowment, since there is a waiting list for the camp each year, and tuitions only cover 20% of the camp’s budget.

For 65 years, Camp Jabberwocky has been providing summer and family camps with a wide variety of activities, including horseback riding, biking, boating, movie nights, concerts, and more. Find out more at the Camp Jabberwocky website.

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