Peace Being Now! Debuts in New York

Glenn Biren’s project in Landmark Education’s SELP program, an independent film titled Peace Being Now!, is making its New York debut at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. NYIIFVF has been recognized by the firlm and entertainment industry as one of the leading film events on the independent festival circuit, hosting film, music and art events in both New York and Los Angeles.

According to Biren, Peace Being Now! was conceived as a way to get young people – who, having emerged from adolescence into young adulthood, having known nothing but war for the last seven years – Into a conversation on how to bring about peace in the world in their lifetime. “It will also bring you, the audience, to a startling and provocative realization,” he says.

THE NYIIFVF selection panel commented on Peace Being Now!, telling the filmmaker “We are delighted that your film Peace Being Now! has been officially selected as a finalist for exhibition in the New York International Film and Video Festival. The selection panel has given you excellent reviews overall. It is well shot with an interesting subject matter and the children are what make it very special. The message is what is important and this film definitely delivers it.”

The film will be shown Sunday, September 21 at 2pm at the City Cinemas Village East on 181 Second Avenue and twelfth street in Manhattan. Biren, along with Hudson Valley High School students who were part of the crew or participated in making the film, will be there at the showing. Tickets are $15 at the door, $12 in advance, and is good for both the film and the afterparty – go to the NY Film Video website to purchase them.

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Brenda Gilbert says:

Sept. 21st is the International Day of Peace. A great day to show the film in partnership with millions of other events around the world to cause peace.

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