Meal with a Smile

Landmark Worldwide News - meal with a smile #1by Asmita Kothari

Mr. Kapil Pathak is a part of “Meal with a smile”, a project started during May of 2015. Mr. Pathak, along with his friend Praful Shah and the Smiling Group, have been serving food on every Monday morning with a smile to more than a hundred people.

Mr. Pathak once noticed that there was a need for food around the neighborhood as he witnessed people chewing on stale bread dipped in water. They then set up a table on a footpath located in Chembur, India to serve freshly cooked hot food to anybody and everybody. Many school going children, beggars, servants as well as sick people drop by and enjoy their meal.

They have been working without any donations or funds and contribute for the ration themselves. A few groups from Jaipur and Latur, India have started similar projects after being inspired by “Meal with a smile.” Mr. Kapil along with the fellow participants recently distributed around 6 months’ ration to 50 families in the Maharashtra region during the drought crisis. During their visit they also noticed the intense scarcity of water in that area and arranged for it as well.

Lastly, Mr. Pathak talked about the various breakthroughs he achieved after the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program. Landmark taught him how to choose the sense of commitment over the sense of attachment. He doesn’t wait for anybody and doesn’t believe in ‘looking good’ anymore.

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