Thousands Groove at Seniors Dance Party

LWN - Seniors 2by Asmi Kothari

Mr. Ramesh Batham started his project named ‘Sunehri Yaadein’ in December 2015. It all began when he noticed a bunch of elderly people enjoying a function. He talked to them and realized that they never get a chance to have fun, groove around and sing their hearts out! During the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program, with the help of Tarun, his leader, Ramesh organized a function for the elderly on the 12th of December 2015. His team of 150 volunteers created awareness and invited around 1,300 people, and 1,500 actually showed up. They started sending passes to their neighbors, dog walking friends, temple mates, and family. People from all around Mumbai attended this party. The function was a great success. They arranged tables decorated with roses, welcome drinks, orchestra, dinner and gifts as a token of respect. Ramesh created a tone of memories that night and saw the older people have a ball. He was touched when he saw the young child hidden inside the senior members of the society have fun without any age barriers.

LWN - seniors 3He also talked about the basic challenges he faced such as collecting the money and making large arrangements for a lot of people. Ramesh himself proposed people to invite the elders from their family and contribute for many such old parents which helped in raising the necessary amount of cash in time. Ramesh is strongly connected to The Landmark Forum and gives all the credits for his happiness to these courses – he has introduced around 500 people to The Landmark Forum. He wants to transform peoples’ lives and looks forward to become a leader. His entire family has benefited from The Landmark Forum. The major breakthrough that he received in the course was to “accept the truth”. He is now valued for this quality – in doing this, he sees that all his insecurities have disappeared.

Ramesh loves to part and have fun and wants to live every moment of his life fully. His project has been very well received, and is being made into a Marathi movie by the Yash Batham production house. He hopes that this yearly event grows to be a worldwide celebration.

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