Saving Tigers

LFN - tiger 1by Asmi Kothari

Manish Chandumal Jeswani practices criminal law as well as looks after the cases of the Forest Department. He started a community project named Save Tiger Save Life Signature Campaign. This project was designed to save tigers with the active participation of kids. Mr. Jeswani launched this campaign in the Vidarbha Region of India to ask for increasing the punishment for violating the law of killing tigers from 7 years of imprisonment to life imprisonment. This idea popped up in his mind on the first work day of his Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program on 11th November 2016.

He was dealing with the tiger poaching case in which the court gave 3 years imprisonment to the poachers. But he was not satisfied with the penalty because the loss of a single tiger affects the ecosystem very badly. He started off his project by educating the kids and creating awareness about the role and importance of the tigers in our ecosystem. The signature campaign was to be signed by the students of grade 1st to 10th and the target was to receive 500,000 signatures. Participants of this project included Mahendra Tardeja, Mukesh Chaudhary, Rajendra Gaigole, Yadav Tarte, Shahid Khan, and Akash Mihani.

Landmark Forum News - tiger 3The most challenging task for Mr. Jeswani was to step out of the comfort zone and take the action unreasonably. The most important thing that was accomplished in the project was that the State Government has forwarded the proposal to Central Government for amending the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, and has suggested increasing the punishment for poaching of tiger to life imprisonment. Another accomplishment was when Mr. Jeswani was recognized as an environmentalist and a wildlife conservationist. His name was further suggested by the Forest Department for the post of Honorary Wildlife Warden.

He intends to work rigorously for the future of the tigers, and is committed that the kids of the nation to acknowledge their importance. Lastly, he gives the entire credit to Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program and his program leader Chandan Motwani.

He said “It was only because of the training imparted in the SELP that I got myself out of the comfort zone and worked with integrity. There were several breakdowns during the project, but I converted them into breakthroughs! The contribution which the coaches and participants provided was remarkable. The Media mentions, documentary of the community project and broadcasting the project on social media platforms, all came together only because of the training. I can’t thank Landmark and Mr. Chandan Motwani enough for they have given to me.”

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Chandu says:

In view of present situation, it seems unavoidable that, education should made common amongst muslims and it is the need of the hour to make far reaching changes in present education system. Our present educational structure is as such that even in some of the Islamic education Institutions, essential Islamic knowledge is ignored and in modern educational system there is no proper arrangements for Islamic teachings.

Wendy says:

Well done Manish!!
I’d love to know more about the impact of tigers on the ecosystem so I can can informed conversations to support the stopping of killing tigers
Nga mihi nui ki a koe (greetings and acknowledgement to you)

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