Initiative Brings Brushing Teeth to School

Dentist Jenny Citrin came up with a novel approach towards reducing the high rate of cavities and other dental problems among preschoolers in her area – bringing teeth brushing to school. Her project in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program involves working with Brayton Elementary School in Northwestern Massachusetts, where administrators agreed to two minutes of brushing each day in the school. Privately funded, the project provides toothbrush and toothbaste, and app based catchy music that counts down the two minutes.

To find out more, read the full news story at iBerkshires.

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Ajay says:

Simply Awesome

Marcus Jacobs says:

This small yet so effective project is a great idea to get students brushing. I am a teacher and would love for my students to do this. It is a habit to inculcate in their routine and save them from all the dentist appointments. I was very pleased with the way these kids brushed and learned new values at school, it is necessary for us teachers take a step forward towards teaching the students such simple things in fun ways. Kudos to Jenny Citrin who came up with this easy-breezy idea!

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