Hat Over Heels

One enterprising Landmark Forum graduate has created a series of workshops where women experiencing hair loss get to create their own hats.

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TIME Spotlights #BornPerfect Advocate

Mathew Shurka has campaigned tirelessly against the now discredited practice of gay conversion therapy. Shurka tells his personal story in TIME Magazine, including the difference The Landmark Forum made for him.

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Landmark Grad Turns Idea Into App

Mastering the Flow of Life Lisa Rosas had been developing the idea for many years.  It began as a yearly New Year’s Resolution tool on paper. She used the tool […]

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New Dutch Graduate Website- Landmark Nieuws

The Landmark Community in the Netherlands has created a new website with news an information related to Landmark and Landmark graduates in the Netherlands.   http://www.landmarknews.nl/ launched in January of this past […]

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