Hat Over Heels

Out of her participation in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Sahar McArthur created a program of workshops for women undergoing hair loss, usually from chemotherapy, to make their own hats. McCarthur is committed that every person in the world be connected to their own beauty, and that beauty is revealed in the unconventional. Hear more about what she has created below.

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Nikunj Barot (Nirav) says:

What is the simplest way of transformation??

Monica Gomez says:

This is such a great idea. Her work is significant as it makes women feel more confident. Just like her many of us have created our own projects after the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program. I have done all the Landmark courses and am a volunteer for various courses. It is a great way of finding yourself and transforming your life for good. The coach is very helpful and the courses are exceptional. My family has done the Landmark Forum and they have noticed many changes in their personal lives’ and are very satisfied with the time and money spent. The forum was recommended to me by my boss but now I have my own business and have been 10 times more successful after the Forum and the advance course.

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