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Lesley ApelbaumLesley Apelbaum has turned a passion into a project.  She first participated in Landmark’s programs when she was a kid. She did the Landmark Forum for Young People at the age of 10. Now and adult, she finds herself keenly interested in people overcoming adversity to achieve their goals and realize their possibilities.

In 2013 she created “Road to Possible” as a way to showcase the stories of people and what they encounter on their way to fulfilling their dreams and accomplishing the things they most care about.

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Through a wide range of media from print to video, Road to Possible provides an intimate and imaginative exploration of what it takes to make a dream a reality.  From artists, restaurateurs and parents to aspiring political candidates and personal trainers, and survivors of traumatic brain injury.  Through Road to Possible, Apelbaum captures people at work on what they love with all of the challenges that come with it.  This mult-platform project not only inspires with remarkable stories, it has created a community of mutual support.

Road to Possible reflects the full diversity of Toronto and Canada itself.  Now it expanding to people around the world.

If you would like to share your journey or another inspiring person’s journey, you can share your story with Road to Possible Blog.




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It’s always inspiring to read people’s success stories. They push me to do better and be better as a person. Thanks for the share!

Thanks Lesley for creating this platform where people can share their stories of achieving success by overcoming various hardships.

Angelica Mercado says:

I first heard about this course from my brother who couldn’t stop praising these seminars. I was impressed by the changes he brought in his life, after the Forum but did not feel the need to do the course myself. But it’s been a while since I was very concerned but my young son, that is when my brother asked me to check out the course that Landmark offers for teens. While researching, I read this article and now, I am fascinated by the extraordinary work of this child. It is incredible how Landmark can enhance people’s’ lives and give them a vision! I am definitely sending my son for this course and would love to see him learn a few things for a happier future.

Inventory Management says:

Making this possible, striving without end to achieve the impossible represents the triumph of the human will against often insurmountable odds. By highlighting such stories Ms. Lesley Apelbaum is doing a great act of compassion which should inspire all people who are at fighting against the odds in the theater of human existence.

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