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‘Barongs of our Fathers’ Celebrates Filipino Fathers

Stacy Cabales created the art and music festival “Barongs of our Fathers” to honor and acknowledge Filipino fathers, to be held June 28th at the Foley Cultural Center in Vallejo, California. Created as her project in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program offered by Landmark Education, Cabales decided to have the event be fundraiser for The Bayanihan Clinic, a Sacramento clinic that provides culturally and linguistically sensitive primary care to the underserved Filipino population, particularly World War II Veterans and recent immigrants.

Sudoku Aids Seniors

Hale enjoyed the puzzles, and while taking a personal development class with Landmark Education to work through his own personal challenges — he identified himself as a procrastinator — he was inspired to use the puzzle to reach out to senior citizens. Hale, who is 64, has been retired for six years but in his own words “wanted to do something more.”

A Little Bird Told Me: A Self Expression and Leadership Project where people volunteer with Seniors in Assited Living Facilites

 As the United States popluation ages, an ever increasing number of seniors spend their days alone without visitors or companionship.  For many of these seniors, lonliness is compounded  by health issue and limited mobility.  Jeannine Miller created a project called “A Little […]