TIME Spotlights #BornPerfect Advocate

LWN - Born PerfectTIME Magazine has run a feature article on Landmark graduate and #BornPerfect activist Mathew Shurka. Shurka is a leading advocate in the effort to outlaw gay conversion therapy, after undergoing the treatment for five years earlier in his life. His #BornPerfect campaign seeks to promote acceptance and challenge the notion that there is something wrong with how people naturally are. The story includes Shurka’s acknowledgement of The Landmark Forum:

“In 2012 I attended The Landmark Forum, a weekend personal development program. The program leader, Larry Pearson, helped me to see that my dad actually does love me; he was just doing what he thought was best for me. During that weekend, I felt freed from the constraints I had put upon myself—what I was taught in conversion therapy, and what I thought society expected. I finally accepted my sexuality.”

Read the whole story at TIME, and check out Landmark News’ previous story on Shurka and the difference he is making.

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Helton oliveira says:

The efforts he is taking for a great cause is very inspiring. I did my forum around 6 months ago and received 3 major breakdowns. These changed my lifestyle to a large extent! I gave gained a sort of mental freedom now, by accepting my mistakes and taking responsibility for my mistakes. I wish to share this happiness with others and hence have been volunteering for various Landmark courses.

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