Landmark Grad Turns Idea Into App

Mastering the Flow of Life

Lisa Rosas haLisa Rosasd been developing the idea for many years.  It began as a yearly New Year’s Resolution tool on paper. She used the tool she created to support her in accomplishing her goals each year and bring balance to her life and all of her various interests and commitments.   She created it from the question “How to master the flow of life and bring balance?”

After participating in the Landmark Forum she found herself taking her idea public and turning it into an app that could be shared with others. From the positive feedback of others she has developed a smart phone app called Mastflow.  It provides a tool for people to bring clarity and balance to areas that are important to them- from health, and finances to career and relationships.

She says that participating in the Landmark Forum allowed her to let go of any of the “reasons” she had for not doing it and take a chance on her idea.




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Caroline Isabel Redmon says:

It is a great idea to have an app in order to manage your goals and work towards them. Landmark Forum for me was just very empowering. Just like her, I gained confidence and hope which made me feel very motivated. I had a major breakdown in front of everyone during the second day of the course, but after that session, I was fierce and happy. Now nothing bothers me or lets me down and I have made my peace with my family and my boss. I am so glad I did the course and gained a lot of information and love during that weekend.

Austin O'connor says:

Landmark forum has been of great help. I discovered myself and made the correct life choices. This optimistic app has helped me maintain the balance in my life. I also hooked two of my friends hooked up to his app and they love the positivity and tips for a peaceful living.

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