Business Leader Recommends The Landmark Forum

A British business owner and leader in his community recently came to America and took part in The Landmark Forum in Chicago. He wrote about his experience in The Bucks Herald newspaper.

Do Yourself a Favour

By Alex Pratt

the-bucks-herald-1This week’s column comes at you from Chicago.

I came to America to become a better me; a better leader, and a better boss. In fact what I am learning is how to be a human being. The distinction is important.

I’m taking part in The Landmark Forum, which it turns out is about changing the paradigm of what it means to be a human being.

I have parachuted into a group of a hundred Americans, who each in their own way has taught me something transformational.

As you might expect the room has been populated with a lot of “Awesome!”, ‘Y’all” and a smattering of “Amen!” but the overwhelming presence has been love.

A business is a golden opportunity to transform life for the people in your life.

These people are the entirety of your life, but we are so locked into our stories about what different happenings mean, and avoiding looking bad that most moments to be fully alive pass us by.

Naturally, I thought I was above all that. Yeah, right.

It’s as simple as understanding that the only win to win at life is for the people in our lives to win. Beyond relationships with family, friends and colleagues, in business we have major extended networks into supply chains and customers. We can make a big difference.

Have you given your word to anything lately and if so, do you hold to the standard of being your word?

Integrity, or no integrity; there is no “kinda”.

Doing a training course in Chicago has touched me to the core. You will not find the story we hold about Americans. I’ve experienced warm people who care deeply about their community and making a difference.

These people have the guts and passion to bare their deepest fears and to step forward to stand for what matters. It has been deeply and profoundly humbling. We can be so life-numbing.

Imagine a world in which the prevailing approach became that everybody gets to win; and that we all stood for something with integrity.

Your job would be to support others. Put yourself first and you end last. Forget about yourself and you loom powerful and large.

You can do The Landmark Forum in London. Do your family, friends and yourself a massive favour: register.

It’s time to stand for what matters and join in changing the world one person at a time. It could be you.

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GINA says:

I did the Landmark Education back in early 90’s And is an Amazing Experience!! I did lots of seminars , assisted and re-view Seminars and Courses, and Forums and lots more! It has never gone away all the tools I got!! And I look forward to take some seminars and courses and assist !!! Just the though inspires me!
I invite each and everyone of you to consider taking this Great Education! My experience has been so great! words are not enough to mention!!

George F says:

This is an thorough account of the Landmark Forum as well Is Landmark Forum Wierd?

Fabie Soille says:

The Landmark forum was a helpful course to me and my best friend. Although we do not have huge problems in our life, we went ahead and gave the course a try. The first two days were nothing great but we received our breakthroughs on the very last day. This course got me closer to my family and I have been visiting them more often now. I take time out to call them or even face time with them, just to know how their day was or how they have been feeling. I feel responsible and happy now. I always knew they have my back if something goes wrong but I am trying to let them know I will always be there for them too. My parents are proud of me and that makes me satisfied in life. All thanks to the Landmark Forum!

Taylor William says:

I lost my mum when I was 12 due to which I became extremely insecure and introvert as a person. After the Landmark Forum, I learnt to believe in myself and finally moved on from the loss of the most important person in my life. I was happy and expressive in life now! It’s unbelievable how things changed for me within a weekend. My family was so happy to encounter the new version of me. I saw life with a brand new perspective and the bright times finally arrived. I not only saw improvement in my relationships with my close ones but also in my work-life. I got promoted after 5 long years of struggle and was also awarded for my contribution to the company. One thing that I received from Landmark was Acceptance, just the way I was. The coach slowly opened my eyes towards- Self-expression. This course is a tough one to resist after the introductory session. I recommend the Forum to all of you; it can bring meaning to your life!

L.Sieu says:

I took the Landmark Forum to improve my business communications. I did that, and I also got a better understanding of all my personal relationships too.

Cort says:

The Landmark Forum is an extremely powerful course. If you’re out to make a difference in life or think you might be out to do that, do it.

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