Resourceful Project to Educate Orphans and Child Laborers

Inspired by participating in Landmark programs, Sunil S. Wagh has, along with his friends and family, created two remarkable initiatives to impact the lives of child laborers and orphans in rural India.

SANTI SCHOOL3Started in June 2013, the SANTI Child Care Center is an orphanage that cares serves 25 children. Most of the children come from families of laborers who make less than a dollar a day. When a spouse dies the surviving parent cannot go out for work and take care of their children, forcing the family into begging on the streets. Premature death is not uncommon among the poor in India, with people suffering from chronic alcoholism or simply a lack of basic medical treatment. On a budget of just $600 per month, the Child Care Center is able to provide food, shelter and education to children with no other options.

SANTI SCHOOLIn addition SANTI has created a training school for children that cannot be accommodated in the orphanage. This school gives children that would otherwise be underage laborers a primary and vocational education as well as a lunch time meal each day.  At present the center is providing education and training to 35 children and 5 women while employing 6 teachers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACurrently all of these services have been delivered in a rented space, but SANTI recently began building a permanent home for the orphanage and training center. This will bring everything under one roof and soon allow them to achieve their dream of serving 100 children.

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