A Life of Helping Others

Landmark Education graduate and former seminar leader Gail Tyrrell was recently featured in the prominent Daily Record newspaper of Northern New jersey. The article focused on Tyrrell’s life journey and the […]

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Appreciating Widows

On July 16th, Houston area newspaper The Leader ran a story about Robin Craig's project to help her fellow widows. The project, which she came up with in Landmark Education's self expression and leadership program, recognizes and acknowledges widows and…

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Pram Push Lobbies for in Vitro Coverage

Joanne Horibe leads Landmark Education's Self-Expression and Leadership Program. As a project she undertook inside of that course, Horibe teamed up with Ashley Bulley and Kerri Stanford to lobby the Ontario government to include in vitro fertilization as part of…

15-year Old Creating Skate Park

The staff of Landmark Education News has come across a news article in the Staten Island Advance of New York State which discusses the Self-Expression and Leadership Program project of 15-year old Juliane Forsyth.

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Salaam Garage Offers Vietnam Tour

Amanda Koster, the internationally acclaimed photographer and Landmark Forum graduate who has set up unique journalistic/artistic travel tours in the developing world, has put together her first ever tour of Vietnam.

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Acknowledgment of a Stepfather

Alia Ramer of New Jersey Jewish News has written a personal column for the publication, which in commemoration of Father's Day (this Sunday, June 21), tells of the appreciation Ramer has for her step-father. In the column, Ramer acknowledges the…

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Building an Angolan University

Landmark Education News has received a report from architect Chris Turley, whose participation in Landmark Education's programs inspired him to become deeply involved in a project to build a university in the Angolan city of Kuito. This report, which thanks…

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‘Inspire a Child’ Brings Stars to Schools

Sally Cancello’s ‘Inspire a Child’project has allowed many celebrity athletes and artists to visit primary schools in England, inspiring students with their accomplishments. The project, which Cancello created while attending […]

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Sudoku Aids Seniors

Hale enjoyed the puzzles, and while taking a personal development class with Landmark Education to work through his own personal challenges — he identified himself as a procrastinator — he was inspired to use the puzzle to reach out to…

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Move Groove Give

Shana Dressler, whose participation in Landmark Education’s programs helped inspire her to create a number of charity projects and organizations, has a new event sponsored by the organization she helped […]

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