LAX in LA Brings Lacrosse to Watts Summer Games

Sean McKeon, who brought acrosse to inner city Los Angeles high schools as part of his LAX in LA project that he formulated in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, has teamed with Kate Marks (also with LAX in LA) to bring lacrosse to the L.A. Watts Summer Games, the largest high school athletic competition in the United States.

At these Summer Games, lacrosse games are scheduled to take place on the campus of Los Angeles-Southwest College. The plan is to have 16 teams take part, with at least two games guaranteed for every team. Five teams are currently registered (Culver City, Palisades, Manual Arts, Huntington Park and Harvard-Westlake.

The L.A. Watts Summer Games were formed in 1968 as a response to the Watts Riots of 1965, and consist of 17 different boys and girls athletic events. The mission of the games, which is similar to that of LAX in LA, is to build understanding, positive interaction and achievement through competition in athletics and arts. Participation in this year’s games is expected to exceed 7,000 competitors, which is more than the Summer Olympics.

For more information, visit the L.A. Watts Games website. Also read Landmark Education News’ previous stories about Sean McKeon and LAX in LA. In addition to bringing lacrosse to inner city Los Angeles, LAX in LA was created to teach accountability to schoolwork and teammates to participating student athletes.



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