A Princess Found: New Book Details Culberson’s Amazing Journey

Landmark Education News has received word that Sarah Culberson has released a book titled “A Princess Found”, which tells her story of going from being an ordinary American to an African princess helping to rebuild a wartorn country. Culberson’s odyssey, which has been featured on CNN and on other major media outlets, began when she took the Landmark Forum and became determined to find her birth parents – she was adopted as an infant. She found that her mother had died, but that her father was not only alive, but was also a member of the ruling family of the Mende tribe in the country of Sierra Leone – her grandfather had ruled over a chiefdom based in the village of Bumpe, and that by birth she was in fact a princess.

Culberson visited her father and newly discovered family in Africa, and soon learned that the tribe and the village of Bumpe had been devastated by a civil war. Culberson later co-founded the non-profit Kposawa Foundation to support the children of Sierra Leone and rebuild the community.

Culberson’s story has been recounted in other stories on Landmark Education News – read more details here, here and here. To buy a copy of Culberson’s book, go to your local book store or find it on Amazon.


Here is  lecture by Sarah in 2012 that tells the incredible back story of her life and the incredible difference her foundation is making

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