Graduates who Write Together, Inspire Together

Rather than struggle alone, a group of writers from eight different European countries came together in the UK to support each other in becoming published authors and have succeeded beyond their expectations with their new book, Human Crossings: 9 Stories about Refugees. This article was written by club member and Landmark graduate Doug Dunn.

Writers Empowerment Club members Doug Dunn, Brigitte Deneck, Noha Nasser, and Khaled Wakkaa work on edits.
Founder Noha Nasser (left) with writers Dean Robinson, Doug Dunn, Clive Elsworth, and Brigitte Deneck.

In October 2019, a group of eight Landmark graduates, including five Wisdom Unlimited graduates, created teamwork through writing. We self-published Human Crossings: 9 Stories about Refugees.

The authors are members of a writers group created by Noha Nasser – The Writers Empowerment Club. Two years ago, they met up and created an initiative to put into practice their creative writing skills. They chose refugees as a subject, as Noha was about to drive supplies from London to the Auberge des Migrants distribution centre in Calais, France.

Khaled Wakkaa (right) and Andy Vowden pose with a copy of “Human Crossings.”

Using Team Management and Leadership planning, we created key milestones for reading, editing and combining our stories into one publication. Much of the inspiration came from meeting at writing retreats. These were opportunities to share ideas, read and edit our work, and enroll new writers. Khaled Wakkaa, who attended the Landmark Forum in Bristol, UK, in 2018, joined our retreat in Devon and shared with us his refugee journey from Syria to Lebanon and finally Exeter. He wrote his story in Arabic and the English translation became the first story of Human Crossings.


Thank you Landmark for providing the tools, the practices, and the listening for us to work together on this book, and thank you those who support Human Crossings. Half of all proceeds are donated to refugee charities.

You can read more about Human Crossings on Facebook.

Copies of the newly published “Human Crossings: 9 Stories about Refugees” by members of the Writers Empowerment Club.

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About Creativity says:

Very good.

Khaled says:

Thanks for the blog our book Human Crossings.

Khaled Wakkaa

Sally says:

Awesome way to become published authors sharing important messages & authors of your own transformed lives!

A great effort of the writers from European countries who came together in the UK to support each other in becoming published authors.

Andy Vowden says:

First met Khaled in St Thomas where he regularly mans the free food station. I first called Exeter my home 5 years ago and in all that time I have never known anyone with a smile quite as infectious as Khaled. Our community is so blessed that it is now home to him and his family.

Janice Juliano says:

What a great contribution you all are. Love the collaboration & Getting things done in your Community!! ♡♧◇
I cant wait to read this!!♡

Hetty H Willeumier says:

Yes! Thanks! I would like to know/learn more about the writing group.. Could you possibly send information to my e-mail ([email protected])

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