FAQs: Submitting Landmark Projects and Transformational Story Ideas to Landmark Forum News

The writers of Landmark Forum News are interested in extraordinary stories from our graduate community. Have you considered sharing your stories with us? Here are some common FAQs for story submissions:

What Makes a Good Story?

"Your Breakthrough Story Here"Self-Expression and Leadership Program projects:

These projects touch, move, and inspire the communities in which they have occurred. Ideally they have impacted large communities of people or had major impact in the world. If you’ve got an inspiring ‘Self-Expression and Leadership Program’ project, we’d love to hear about it!

Personal Transformation:

It’s what we’re all about, after all! So whether it involves marathon running, math camps for kids, or mending major relationships with estranged family members, Landmark Forum News is here to celebrate graduate transformations and personal accomplishments.

Interview phone calls:

Our preference when it comes to Landmark Forum News stories is to be able to have a conversation with the person involved, more than just repeating a news article. That doesn’t mean we will never share stories without an interview, but we’d love to be able to talk to you!


We have all heard that ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words.’ Landmark graduates have incredible, transformational stories, and we love using Landmark Forum News to tell them, especially if they have PICTURES! So don’t be surprised if we follow up asking for a few.

What Types of Stories are less Likely to be Accepted?

Marketing stories:

While there are novel business stories to tell, we may not cover your story. We reserve the right to exercise discretion especially when people are trying to use the site simply to market their business. If we do not choose to cover you, we still wish you the best of luck. 🙂

Incomplete stories:

We love to hear about exciting ‘Self-Expression and Leadership Program’ projects, but we want to tell the whole story! So, unless there is a very good reason to share a project that is not complete, we may ask you to get back to us with your awesome SUCCESS STORY once the project runs its course.

When is the Deadline to Submit?

Is there a relevant date around which you would like your story to be story posted? Let us know! Two weeks or more of lead time is preferred for date-sensitive stories, when possible.

How to Submit Landmark Forum News Story Ideas:

To get in touch or share your story, email us at: [email protected], and include “Landmark Forum News story submission” in the subject line.

You can also email one of our Landmark Forum News writers directly at: [email protected]

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