Transforming Lives with Laptops: Stories from Guinea

Becky Morrison’s Globetops is altering lives and communities by putting refurbished laptops into the lives of community leaders in the developing world. A new film goes into the lives of several Globetops recipients in Guinea, Africa, and shows the enormous difference a single laptop can make for a person and a community.

Created with assistance from the production company Northern Lights, the film gives a behind the scenes, personal look into how Globetops redistributes unwanted resources to help people realize their dreams. Morrison also wanted to show viewers another side of Africa.

“I’m very passionate about depicting images of people in the developing world who are not needy and suffering, but who are passionate and powerful,” she says. “There are people doing big things throughout the world, who simply don’t have the resources that they need.”

Watch the film below, read Landmark News’ original story on how Morrison created Globetops in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program, and visit Globetops to find out more or donate laptops, money, or expertise to the organization.

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